Monday, 27 June 2011

Wading Jacket

I recently bought a new wading jacket. I have found major differences between makes and styles. My old wading jacket was the Scierra Canyon. So this time i decided to try a different brand. When trying on other jackets i quickly found that i was getting concerned about pocket size and accessibility. The bellow pockets (largest front pockets) on most of the brands seemed to be top access which i don't like. I just find that when you're standing waist deep in the middle of the river holding a salmon rod and decide to change your fly you want to get to your fly box with no fuss. I tried a 'Guideline' and a 'Stillwater' both with top access which just felt awkward. I then tried a 'Vision' jacket which had the side access pockets i wanted but the zips were too short meaning only small fly boxes would fit. Fussy i know. Getting near the point of despair i went back to the 'Scierra' brand and their 'Aquatex Pro' jacket.
When salmon fishing i don't need to carry any more than 1 fly box and a wallet for polyleaders but as i wear the same jacket for stillwater rainbow trout fishing i need several boxes with me. This jacket is able to take 2 fly boxes in each of the bellow pockets.
Fully loaded. Of all the jackets the 'Scierra Aquatex Pro' suited me the best as a multi use jacket. Other features are a neoprene back warmer and adjustable Velcro for the neoprene around the wrists which stops the water going up your arm when casting. Internal waterproof pocket for keys etc. in case you go swimming and fur lined collar with adjustable peaked hood.

River Mourne

A few images of the river Mourne. This is the Gravenue pool in the town of Sion Mills looking upstream from the foot bridge. You can just about see someone in the water fishing at the top right, this give you a better idea of the size of the river.
This is the view downstream from the foot bridge. The river continues on to Strabane where it meets the river Finn where they become the river Foyle.

Monday, 6 June 2011


First Springer Salmon.         Success on my first day salmon fishing of the season. I fished the river Mourne running through the town of Sion Mills near Strabane. Having fished all morning with my 13ft fly rod with no success i decided that after lunch i would try spinning. On my second pass down through the 'Gravenue pool' i hooked up with a good strong fish. Three times i got the fish close and three times it went on a run. Once straight across the river and another way downstream. Great fight and certainly leaves you wanting to go back for more. It was caught on a black flying 'c'. Info on the river Mourne can be found at

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


This summer went to Portugal on hols and had 7 days at surf school while i was there. Weather and water was fantastic although summer wet suit still required. We stayed in a seperate hotel or you could stay in the surf school lodge which is just a big house in town. school is organised and well run. Meeting at the lodge around 10am they take you by minibus to a surf beach about 25mins away. All the gear you need is supplied and lunch of sandwiches and fruit is provided. 90mins surfing before lunch then 90mins in the afternoon by which time your're knackered. We surfed 2 different beaches in portugal.
This beach is called Amado and nearly everone on it was surfing with more than 1 surf school using it.This is praia de Arrifana. Beautirul beach although bit of a trek carrying boards down. I took this pic after the days surfing. If you look closely above the sign you can see surfers in the water. As it was my last day surfing in portugal, Seb (surf instructor and owner of school) definetly saved best to last as the waves were awesome. 6-8feet and the cleanest waves I've ever seen. Not many beginners in here so you can imagine what the locals thought when they saw this idiot splashing about with 8' soft board. Managed to catch a few unbroken green waves which was just a fantastic feeling. I'm hooked.